In life people have many titles, many journeys, and endless visions; as the pages in life turn, new chapters begin. One inevitable story for every person is retirement – whether we like it or not, we get older, and we begin to search for things that answer to our new values. Retirement is a journey in itself – and that means this chapter in life should have a unique story for you, and every retiree.

So what? Here’s why. When it’s time for close friends, family and even yourself to retire – you want a memorable journey….but perfecting that journey is sometimes difficult. It starts with a home that provides a lifestyle of comfort, ease and friendship – and that’s exactly what our revamped brand is set to provide.

At Manor, we create homes that HAVE MEANING for you. It’s about creating homes that re-echo your values – like seeing ‘comfort’ when you walk in the door, ‘space’ when you see the raked ceiling and open plan living, ‘quality’ when you see the finishes used in the home, ‘connection’ when you see the neatly lined streets of Village homes and the smiling village residents. Watch this video about the story of Vicki’s Village lifestyle transition; see how her values were met.

You deserve a chance to experience retirement as you envision it to be. We want your story to be special, so serving your values is what will make each chapter interesting. Not only is the home important, but it’s the transition and the connection experienced in the Village lifestyle – to fulfil these values takes insight and listening – you’ve worked hard, and so have we – so let’s ensure that the retirement you’ve worked hard for, is made better by a living in the perfect home. Our new Rivers Collection’ designs are suited specifically for this purpose. We want it to be easy to build the home solution you want, where you want; that is why Manor partners with many Villages throughout NSW.

We do things differently at Manor. We’re Village Home specialists, so we work with you (or your Village) , balancing craftsmanship, value and quality to ensure your new Village home is one that suits visions for a relaxed new lifestyle. Get more FREE INFO here.

As the author of building, we want to help you create the most unique, retirement story.

Let life begin….